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Football Party... at work!

I had the pleasure of surprising a very large company staff with fun balloon decor with a football-theme. Employees were dressed in their football jerseys, many in Patriots colors, and a tailgating lunch party wasn't far away. Enter the woman with the 6' tall football columns and a football arch and many bouquets in brand colors and more footballs, of course, to be placed all around the space.

It's safe to say many distracted employees were excited about the commotion happening in their office early Monday morning. Not the norm.

To be able to do these kinds of surprises and create such excitement and fun, wonder and anticipation, and really elevate the experience of the event coming up is an amazing honor.

It's amazing that in this job people are excited to see me wherever I go! I get to bring FUN and create excitement! That's MY job!


Special shoutout to Kim and Sheryl at Comcast Business, who really made this delivery & setup easy, fun, and memorable.

Learn more about Comcast Business here!


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