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About Eye Candy Balloons
BUSINESS: Certified Balloon Artist, Insured
LOCATION: Based in Bedford, NH in private studio.

PICKUP: Balloon pickup is not offered (exception of grab & go garlands).
SERVICE AREA: Local service area is 40 miles radius. Extended, freq
uent travel radius is about 2 hours.
DELIVERY DAYS: 7 days a week
OFFICE HOURS: Tue-Fri 10-4pm



Is there a minimum order?

For organizations, corporations, and schools, the minimum decor order is $350 for Friday-Sunday events and $250 Monday-Thursday.  For social events including baby & bridal showers, weddings, bar & bat mitzvahs, the minimum decor order is $500.

Can I call you?

We work via email to gather the event details, exchange photos and ideas, and pricing. Having our communication in writing through emails benefits both parties by ensuring event details and balloon orders are accurate and making event info easily accessible and retrievable for either party at any time. In the event, we need to clarify details, we'll ask to schedule a phone conversation.

Can you meet with me in-person?

We have rarely found an in-person meeting to be necessary for us to do our job. If we do need to meet, it's more beneficial to meet at the venue where we can take measurements and photos to help us better design your balloon decor for the event space.

If you feel an in-person is a must, we'll accommodate your request as it fits our schedule with a minimum cost starting at $150 for 30 minutes within 15 minutes of Bedford, NH. The cost increases based on time and distance.

Minimum orders for distance:
  • Corporate & Schools - $250 minimum order - Up to 40 miles (Manchester, Nashua, Concord, Salem, Lowell)

  • All Social Events - $500 minimum order - Up to 55 miles

  • $500 minimum order - 40-55 miles (Portsmouth, Dover, Burlington MA, Laconia)

  • $750 minimum order - 56-79 miles (Boston, York, ME, Plymouth NH, Keene)

  • $900 minimum order - 80-99 miles (Hanover, Kennebunkport, Lincoln)

  • $1,250 minimum order - 100-124 miles (Portland ME, Littleton, Providence RI)

  • $1,600 minimum order - 125-150 miles (Montpelier, Brunswick, ME)

When & how do I pay for my order?
Before we reserve any date on our calendar, payment of at least $250 must be received. (either date reservation fee or at least 50% of the invoice).

Balloon decor orders need to be paid-in-full at least 2 weeks prior to the event date. We do not order supplies, create, inflate or deliver balloons without full payment at least prior to the day of your event. Completing your order and making full payment within 7 days of your event date is subject to a Rush Order Fee. The same day or next day Rush Order Fees are increased.

You will receive the invoice via email to pay via credit card online. We may accept checks, payable to Eye Candy Balloons, mailed to our address only if your event is more than 30 days away.

For organizations (businesses, corporations, schools, non-profits), full-invoice payment for all balloon decor orders is due prior to the event. However, we understand that there many be different payment policies in place and will gladly work with you on other payment terms if necessary.

Will you reserve my event date?
Yes, with the $250 non-refundable date reservation fee paid or at least 50% of the invoice balance. The date reservation fee is a non-refundable amount paid to Eye Candy Balloons to hold the date of your event on our calendar. Once it is paid, we reserve the date for your event setup, delivery, and removal, if required, therefore, no refund or credit is given for the $250 paid date reservation. The amount paid is applied to your final invoice.

Is there a charge for delivery & setup?

Yes, Delivery & Setup costs are calculated per event. Delivery fees vary by location and factors such as traffic, tolls, parking, and time of day. ​Setup fees are determined per event and are based on factors such as how much time spent onsite for install, time loading and unloading, vehicle rentals, time of day for setup, etc.

Can I get latex-free balloons?

Absolutely! We're happy to give you options that do NOT involve latex so you can enjoy awesome balloon decor at your event!

Will you inflate balloons I bought?

For balloon decor creation, we only use the balloons we provide as we know and trust the quality and performance.  In the event, we make an exception and agree to inflate the balloons you've purchased, it is your responsibility to get those balloons to us prior to the event in a timely manner via mailing to our address.  Understandably, we are unable to guarantee the quality of any balloons not purchased and/or provided by us. We charge the same price for the balloons we provide as balloons you provide to us. Full payment before inflation is required. If the balloons are defective and pop during or after inflation, no refund is given.​

Cancellation Policy:

Once you pay the non-refundable date reservation fee, we add your event to our calendar. When your order is paid-in-full, we purchase all the supplies needed to complete your job and make the necessary logistical arrangements. If your order is canceled more than 30 days prior to your event, we will credit your account for the amount paid and put it toward your next event decor order with us, however, no refund will be issued. If your order is canceled 30 days or less from the event date, no credit or refund will be issued and your event date will be released from our calendar.

Balloon Release Policy:

We are magical moment lovers who care about celebrating life as well as the earth and the environment and about doing our part to be responsible and educate. We are committed to the best balloon practices both for our clients and the world we live in. As a proud member of PEBA (Pro-Environment Balloon Alliance), we are taking a stand against the deliberate release of balloons into our environment and are working to educate the general public about the positive environmental side of balloons as well as the correct use and disposal of balloons to reduce liter in our environment and the harm to any animals in the wild.

Outdoor Balloon Policy:

While we love doing outdoor events for our clients, we cannot guarantee the quality or duration of any balloons that are placed/used outdoors. We make every attempt to have your décor looking its very best at the time it’s delivered. We use only professional supplies and quality materials, however, weather is unpredictable, and wind, humidity & heat especially take their toll on balloons.

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