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Grab & Go Garland

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We LOVE Organic Garlands

While we love doing big balloon installations, we realize sometimes you have a smaller event that needs a fun Pop of Color.  So, we've created a Grab & Go Garland that you can quickly & easily order online. Each standard 6' garland starts at $165 and created in your chosen colors. Garlands are:
Easy to Transport
Easy to Display

After ordering, we'll schedule your pickup in Bedford, NH on Wednesday or Thursday prior to your event.  Organic Garlands are made to last through your weekend events. Quality is maintained best when kept under normal temperatures indoors away from direct sunlight. We'll include what you need to hang it along with an instruction video.  Then VIOLA, you'll be party-ready!



Each Garland is approximately 6' feet long and 2' wide. Best estimate is two garlands to fit in the average SUV.



Please choose up to 4 balloon colors from our selection. If we don't have an exact shade, the closest match will be used.



Garlands are available for pickup on Wed or Thursday in Bedford, NH. Garland orders must be completed with full payment.



You'll receive hooks, ties and directions when you pick up! Your garland should last all weekend when kept indoors.

Are You Ready?!

Commonly Asked Questions

My event is on the weekend, will the garland last that long?

These are long-lasting balloon garlands (you'll be surprised) and have great shelf life when kept in cooler, dark rooms before the party date. Please know, balloons don't love and are affected most by heat, humidity, and direct sunlight.  

Will the garland fit in my vehicle?

Probably, but only you know your vehicle.  The garland is about 6' long and 2' wide all around so you can best plan. To-date, I've not ever had one that we didn't get into the car as we can "squish" it if we need to!  We recommend an SUV or bigger. It helps if seats can fold down and it's free of clutter to make room.

Can you add _________(fill in the blank) to the garland?

Add-on options include printed latex, starbursts add-ons, and specialty chrome colors at this time.  For further customizing, complete the decor request to get started working with us.

Can you deliver it to me?

No. The Grab & Go Garland is for you to grab & go. 

Can I add on more decor to pick up at the same time?

No. At this time, we only offer the grab & go garland plus the add-on number table topper. We are fairly certain both of these items fit in most vehicles and transporting and setup can be done keeping your decor in good condition.  For larger orders, please consider working with us so we can create a decor plan for your event and we'll also do the delivery & setup for you! 

There is no other balloon vendor like Eye Candy Balloons. They are the most creative, unique, dedicated balloon artists in the arena. Amanda's attention to detail, her enthusiasm and commitment to each client is why she is my go-to balloon vendor and why I trust her completely with all my events. I highly recommend Eye Candy Balloons for any event!

~Rachel Glazer, Owner of Rachel G Events (google)

It's Time to Celebrate!

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