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Organic Decor


Standard Organic Decor

Organic Garlands

We LOVE the Organic Balloon style that is so popular today!  The organic style uses a mix of balloon sizes and often many colors and textures in arches, columns, walls, hoops, and more!

We use 6' linear lengths strands to plan designs, which start at $180.  Designs are often custom with double thickness, tapering off, or "puddling" on the floor, which alters the strand pricing along with the use of specialty colors, decorative accents, foil add-ons, and more.

Priding for organic garland is based without a frame. Whenever possible, we are securing the garland directly to a structure onsite and most often do not need to return post-event.

Further customizations include upgrading with specialty colors and prints, adding foil letters/numbers, and live or artificial florals or greenery.  


Specialty Organic Designs


The Next Step
 We're excited to learn more about the event & get started with you!

*Pricing shown is for standard designs based on indoor placement & does not include delivery & setup or other fees.

Actual designs will vary & are based on customizations, placement, needs, space, etc.
Many factors affect end result such as colors, sizes, heights, styles, patterns, custom details, etc.
Exact products & pricing shown is not guaranteed.
We reserve the right to alter pricing at any time.

We retrieve decor equipment post-event, which includes frames, bases, drapes, poles, faux florals, signage, etc.

Upgrades and Add=ons available including: neon and wood signs, lights, foil balloons, giant balloons, and fun shaped balloons, as well as confetti, faux florals and greenery.

Hexagon Frame Rental by Eye Candy Balloons

Backdrop Rentals

Did you know?

We offer many different backdrop and framing styles to further elevate your balloon decor. It's fun to be creative with such diversity and allow us to get that extra special look for you event!  You'll often see our backdrops used in our images.  Please browse the selection to let us know what you like to complete your look.

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