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Dance Recital Time

3 shows in one day! Yes, that's what Miss Kelsey's Dance Studio does! So many excited students and their parents, families, and friends gather for the dance performances the students have worked on all year! This was was extra special as MKDS celebrated their 10 year Anniversary with Owner, Miss Kelsey at the helm! We showed up during rehearsals days before to take measurements and make plans for our balloon decor on stage and was touched by all the work both teachers and students were putting into each performance! At the entrance, we positioned a single balloon bouquet with a large music note balloon and Mylar stars floating by the door drawing the audiences eye to the doors leading to the auditorium. The hall leading to the auditorium, had shiny Mylar balloon stars hanging from the ceiling for guests to walk under. Once inside the auditorium, the stage was certainly the focus. Wanting to make a big visual celebrating the 10th Year, we designed a backdrop to float high above the dancers' heads against the stage. We used purple and silver balloons in all we did in keeping with the studio's branding. We used large letters and numbers for MKDS and 10 with shiny Mylar balloon stars flanking each side. Along the back bottom of the stage, we ran a series of Mylar purple balloons creating a long row of shiny purple color reflecting light and bringing in the purple colors from the backdrop, the costumes, and the branding! I stayed to watch the first few performances and at only 1 minute into the second performance, I was emotional. Happy and nervous for the dancers, proud of their hard work, in awe of the teachers who work with these kids weekly, and amazed at all the love and support of those families and friends filling up the seats. Lots of work goes into pulling off a day as big as this, but Miss Kelsey and her tremendous team make it look easy. We're so glad we were able to be behind the scenes and get to created beautiful stage balloon decor that added to the beauty of the dance shows and performances!!!


A special thank you to Jesse, who was a huge behind-the-scenes help, in making our part successful!

Learn More about Miss Kelsey's Dance Studio here:

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