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Love Prevails - Weddings during Covid

On a magnificent summer, these beautiful, in love humans joined their lives through marriage on the Terrace at Manchester Country Club in Bedford, NH! It was a picture-perfect blue sky showing off with fluffy white clouds and warm, radiant sunshine coming through,

Photo Credit: CaroleAnne Marie Photography

We had the great honor of creating their beautiful ceremony backdrop. We created an organic-styled Balloon Ring using a soft and feminine color palette of white, blush, pastel pink, and a few custom color balloon shades between white and pink for excellent blending.

Did you know we can create custom balloon colors? It's a specialty service and comes at a cost, but those that are specific with their colors, really appreciate the option to have them match to the best of our ability.

We wanted the couple and all their guests to get the maximum value out of their beautiful balloon ring by enjoying it beyond the ceremony so we worked with Fallon, part of the amazing staff at Manchester Country Club, to arrange to have the Ring moved gently from the Terrace down to the canopy where the outdoor reception would happen after cocktail hour. We were willing to stay onsite to ensure the move happened post-ceremony and photos (especially since it was our idea as an added value to the wedding couple), but the MCC staff graciously added this extra task to their workload that day.

It was a stunning addition to the back of the dance floor and used for amazing photos for all friends and family. The staff always goes above and beyond to make the best happen for all their clients including wedding couples as well as all the vendors who are onsite so often before and after events. Because of their excellent care and our great working relationship (did you know that we're on of Manchester Country Club's preferred vendors?), we were able to leave on time after a 3 hour setup, with the Balloon Ring in good hands and moved in time for the reception fun.

Enjoy a some beauty from Amanda & Jake's wedding day with photos courtesy of Caroleanne Marie Photography with permission from the newlyweds!


Wedding Vendor:

Venue: Manchester Country Club, Bedford - Website

Photography: Caroleanne Marie Photography - Website

Wedding Officiant: JP Judy Johnson ,Goffstown - Website

Balloon Decor: Eye Candy Balloons, Goffstown - Website


We'd love to be part of your special wedding celebrations from the proposal, engagement, bridal showers, bachelorettes, and of course, your wedding day!

Visit our Wedding section to get started! Our work has been published in Green Wedding Shoes, New Hampshire Magazine's Bride, and New Hampshire Wedding Magazine.


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