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Life is Magic - Surprise!

balloon decorations, table centerpieces, party decorations

We love surprise parties! And this one was a magic-themed surprise party for Ed, who was turning... uh hmmmm... an age not to be mentioned.

Many people worked together to create this surprise party and we worked closely with his sister from Hawaii who flew in for a visit to come up with magic-themed decor for table centerpieces and room decorations that went so well with the decorations Mary and Karen also added to the room, complete with a wonderful wall of photos celebrating Ed.

magic birthday decorations, table centerpieces, party decorations, birthday party decorations

Earlier in the week, we met up with Mary for her to deliver all the decor items she had purchased (including magic 8 balls, crystal balls, top hats, wands) to us to create centerpieces with. In only a few days, we were able to create some colorful arrangements using both our favorite medium (balloons!) and other decorative elements to create attractive Magic Centerpieces for all the guests to enjoy. We also created a balloon arch with Ed in the center to go over the dance floor, along with 5 large balloon bouquets that were used to decorate various places in the room.

birthday balloons, party decorations, birthday party decorations

We used the colors Black, Red, and White with some silver accents to create cohesive and festive party atmosphere. We used Mylar star balloons, Star designs in the centerpiece, and latex balloons with stars printed on them to add some visual interest and tie in the theme even further to other elements in the designs.

portsmouth diner, new hampshire restaurants, birthday party function rooms

Roundabout Diner and Lounge in Portsmouth, NH had a great staff that was super accommodating and patient. Each staff member working in the function room offered their help at different points. So much appreciated!

Eye Candy Balloons

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