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Mermaid: Special Delivery

For a sweet little girl's 7th birthday, a mom wanted to surprise her with something extra special - mermaid-themed! She gave us free rein to design whatever you wanted, which we love, but on a small budget, and we created this impressively large-standing gold #7 mermaid balloon bouquet and added a twisted mermaid for extra fun!

We heard that both mom and birthday girl were both so surprised and the party was great!

We love being able to create great surprises not only with the specific balloon designs we come up with, but for the grand, unforgettable first impressions that balloon sculptures, bouquets, and creative gifts can make on others!

We LOVE this mermaid mylar balloon design with its fun, bright colors (especially so close to Thanksgiving) and the fun printed characters adding that bit of whimsy and youth. It made such a great foundation to create the rest of the design around!

Mermaid Theme Parties are a huge trend right now. We see many pinterest and social images of other mermaid theme parties and Under the Sea is a personal favorite of ours with fun colors and interesting sea creatures! Email us to let us know what you're planning so we can talk about how we can add some whimsy to your event and transform the space!

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