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Apotheca in Goffstown is A MUST!

I was so honored to get a call from Apotheca to get to do something fun for them for a special celebration they were having in-house. It's not everyday you get to be surrounded by massive amount of creatives and geniuses at work!

We set to work to create an ombre style balloon wall for the shop. It ranged in colors from white to an intense magenta. The 7'x7' balloon wall wedged just into the coffee shop and was such a fun pop of color against the rustic charm and beauty of what lies within Apotheca Flower & Tea Shoppe. We used some double bubbles, balloons inside balloons, to create extra layers of fun. Those playing guitar in the chairs beside the install were in for quite a treat that day. Not only did their serenade me while I work, but also pitched in when needed to hold and move and help!

The vibe in Apotheca is just such a community! All ages, bustling in and out, some sitting for a while, others just picking up, lots of shopping, flower ordering, and chatting. If you haven't been by to grab a bite to eat, order some floral artistry, or peruse their collection of incredible things, take a trip to downtown Goffstown and soak it in.

Learn more & Visit: Apotheca Flower & Tea Shoppe

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