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Color Palettes on Instagram

Colors are super important to us! Colors can make us feel so many different emotions, which affect our moods. They create ambiance.

An exercise in imagination:

Close your eyes and visualize a beautiful room with high ceilings in white and light colors with white tables and chairs and light twinkling lights on each table. Light wall color and chandeliers in silver. Can you see it? Nice, right?

Now, in your mind, add hot pink table cloths to all the tables. Add hot pink curtains draping the tall windows. Changed the way you feel about hte room quite a bit, I bet.

One step further. Add black chair covers to all the chairs. Add in some black couches and chairs in the lounge area. Imagine the floor is black in the room.

We've transformed the feeling you have of this room drastically in just a few sentences by adding color. It's an amazing exercise, and how we work to create the right decor choices for each client.


Colors reflect personality. We think something different about someone wearing purple shoes vs. someone wearing black shoes. Colors inform our thoughts, whether we know it or not. The colors you choose for your event is no different!

Once you share your event color scheme with us, we are instantly on a creative path. We use the existing room aesthetics, client details about what they like and what they want to achieve, and then layer with scale, color, function, and proportion to start to determine what makes the most sense visually for their event. It's really fun, but also hard work.

For those of you that don't quite know, we generally ask questions to understand what you're going for with the event and then we can offer tailored suggestions.


Lately, we've been creating some color palette images that we're sharing on Instagram to inspire the next events you're planning! We're adding more as time goes on so you'll have a great collection to flip through. For now, here's a sample:

Let us know what colors you're planning OR have done in the past. What's a color palette you adore?

With all the colors available, the combinations are infinite. How exciting is this?

Visit us on Instagram to see the color palettes and all the other fun posts!


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