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Latex Balloons & the Environment

I'd love to share some information about the environmental aspect of balloons, because most people are uniformed, much like myself until I dived into this industry.

Latex balloons are the most used and most environmentally friendly balloon option. Latex balloons are what we use 95% of the time and are our preference. ,

Latex is a natural substance coming from rubber trees that are tapped like maple syrup trees (it's very cool) and they break down. They can even be composted. I've looked here in NH for the right kind of composter that will take these to work with, but unable to find one yet... but in larger cities/areas this exists with some balloon pros doing this already.

Watch this video on a quick intro to rubber trees.

Here's a great video of the rubber process.

Ultimately, latex is the way to go for the most environmentally friendly.

Read on here for a snapshot of Balloon Facts.

Ribbons tied to balloons are not biodegradable, but are only used when we have helium bouquets. We strongly encourage ribbons, as well as balloons, to be disposed of properly after use has been enjoyed. Foil, mylar, and plastic bubble balloons are latex-free, which are great to use when there is a latex-allergy present, but are the least environmentally friendly option so we minimize the use of these balloons. However, we will try to reuse and repurpose whenever possible.


We, here at Eye Candy Balloons, are a proud member of PEBA (Pro-Environment Balloon Alliance) from its inception, which is a growing worldwide organization, started in Australia, but has expanded to over 43 countries around the world, including its own PEBA USA group. "We are committed to self-regulation and driving proactive, environmentally responsible change within the industry." from

We take a public stand against balloon releases of any kind. You can read more about that HERE!


The following industry associations and manufacturers are member of PEBA and no longer support or condone balloon releases:

- The Balloon Council - US

- Balloon and Party Industry Alliance (BAPIA) - UK

- European Balloon & Party Council (EBPU) - Europe

- BASA VIC - Victoria, Australia

- Pioneer Balloon International - Manufacturer of Qualatex Balloons

- Sempertex S.A. - Manufacturer of Sempertex Balloons


We know there are MANY opinions and believe everyone is entitled to what you think, but we aren't interested in negative comments or discussions with those that haven't done any proper research to learn more or have an investment on the issue. We're here to learn and grow ourselves and are working on making a great impact on our world in our way.



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