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Balloon + the Environment!

For the past year, we've been a proud part of PEBA, an international group that stands for Pro-Environment Balloon Alliance. We are against balloon releases and are for responsible disposing of balloons and not adding to the world's litter. We're also trying to education our clients and others about the importance of choosing NOT to release balloons, either latex or mylar, into the air, but to dispose of the balloon debris once finished enjoying them.

PEBA is working hard to get information out into the world about how stats and news about balloon harm & damage with wildlife is often misreported and easily assumed. To read an example of the work that is being done to better understand the true percentage of our impact on wildlife in the environment and the steps we (as a society of balloon professionals around the world) are doing to join in a be a part, you can start with this short post.

In an effort to keep beautiful and fun balloons alive in our celebrations and take care of our planet, we will continue to provide and share information about latex balloons, a 100% natural product, with you!

We hope our passion for our artistic medium AND our love and care of our planet will inspire you to learn more about the true statistics and support our mission, while still enjoying all the beauty and wonder that is balloons!

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