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We're ANTI-Balloon Releases!

If you didn't know - We here at Eye Candy Balloons are proudly part of the early PEBA (Pro-Environment Balloon Alliance) members that signed on here in the US to take a public stand against balloon releases of any kind.

We know some people do it, sometimes on accident, most often in honor of loved ones with a very heartfelt reason behind it, sometimes just for curiosity or lack of knowledge. But what happens is that when the general public releases balloons (what goes up must come down) for whatever reason, they end up laying in the environment somewhere as litter until such point that the 100% biodegradable latex balloons do decompose (which isn't overnight) or much worse the metallic foils and mylar and plastic balloons AND all that ribbon just sits there and aren't disposed of in the trash properly, and then balloons in general get a very bad name.

This bad reputation directly affects balloon professionals and those small business owners who make a living (like we do) from the wonderful and colorful existence of balloons in our world with a few select individuals making huge waves about the danger of balloons in our environment, often based on incorrect information and false facts, which can lead to balloon bans not only for helium balloons, but all balloons. What a sad world that we would live in without balloons!


So, what we ask you to do:

1. Do not let your helium balloons float away. We secure them on weights for you and for the benefit of our environment, abiding by the CA Balloon Laws, and our livelihood.

2. Dispose of all balloons, no matter what type, into the trash. Litter isn't good for anyone and is easily preventable.

3. Speak up if you know of a planned balloon release or ask us to provide information to the organizer that may help them better understand WHY it's not the best decision. We can also give suggestions for things to do in the place of balloon releases to honor their loved ones.

4. Be responsible for your actions.


Apparently, we had more to say than we thought to go along with our little graphic for today. We don't think we can change the world with a graphic, but we are doing a little part to become educated and then pass along what we've learned and educate others that we come in contact with so that our knowledge can ripple.

We know there are MANY opinions and believe everyone is entitled to what you think, but we aren't interested in negative comments or discussions with those that haven't done any proper research to learn more or have an investment on the issue. We're here to learn and grow ourselves and are working on making a great impact on our world in our way.

If you'd like more information, we are happy to share!



Eye Candy Balloons, Life is Worth Celebrating, Manchester NH

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