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Ballooniversity - Yea, it's Real!

Balloon Safari Theme - Balloon Waterfall

August in Georgia is HOT!

I don't like the heat and neither do balloons so we normally try to avoid this kind of weather, but... this year, an awesome event pulled us down South!

Once every 5 years, this amazing event called Ballooniversity put on by the FABULOUS company Burton and Burton, "the world's largest balloon and gift supplier" attracts hundreds of floral and balloon artists from around the world to come take part in a 4-5 day conference involving full days of exciting balloon work then full days of classes from instructors all over the balloon and floral world. This event has a long-standing reputation for EXCELLENT Southern Hospitality. Being Southern myself, I know a thing or two about the importance of hospitality, especially when IN a hospitality field!

From the moment I arrived to the moment I left, it was jam-packed with fun and friendship, laughs and food, tired fingers and muscles, not a lot of sleep, but memories for a lifetime. When in the presence of greatness, there's no way NOT to be excited. I went into the whole week ready for anything and open to everything that could grow me, teach me, expand my mind and talents and skills, and essentially make me a better person, business owner, friend, and balloon artist. I was not disappointed.

I made connections and friendships that cannot bought or easily forgotten. I experience balloon decor on a scale that very few in the world get the pleasure of experiencing. I took classes and learned from some of the best balloon instructors our industry has to offer. I won prizes during bingo, danced the night away - twice, enjoyed sweet tea (real sweet tea) daily, and experienced indescribable kindness and warmth and beauty.

I want to share some of my incredible snapshots with you!

Here's a fun video to give you a glimpse of the great time that we all had! My smiling, excited face made the cover as well as a few fun clips from inside! ENJOY!

Ballooniversity is put on by the wonderful Burton & Burton! Looking forward to our next adventure with them in the Georgia heat!

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