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Shopping fun & Behind the Scenes

This weekend the Merrimack Premium Outlets in Merrimack, NH is having a special (and unique) promotional event called Deer Widow's Weekend. I was caught off guard upon first hearing it, but the explanation for the title makes sense and is quite funny. Hunting season has started and this event is titled for the wives of the deer hunters, aptly named Deer Widows.

The promotional image of this event is a handbag with antlers coming out.

We were asked if we could create a balloon handbag with antlers. Why Yes, yes we can! They chose their colors and we went to work! And Poof! The finished project was a great success and looks beautiful at the entrance to the outlet.


A Behind the Scene look at going from a conversation with a client to an idea to design to finished product. When we were first asked to create the design, we spend a great deal of time doing the math and mechanics that is required to make sure we can properly build and create a sound structure for the design. Based on our specs, we then create mockups for ourselves and to share with our client so that we could all "see" the same thing.

Once the mockup is approved by the client, we send a detailed invoice. Once the invoice is paid, we add the job to our calendar and are considered booked. We then order supplies, source the materials, and start to build the structures necessary for the design.

Once it's close to the event date, we inflate the balloons we need and then start to build the designs using our mockup and drafted blueprint plans as a guide.

On event day, we load it all up into the delivery vehicle and take off. Upon arrival, we setup and install the design based on the placement previously decided on by the client. We take photos of finished work and when possible, have clients approval on the spot to make sure nothing further needs to be done. Viola!!!!! We drive away with a happy clients!

Eye Candy Balloons

It was quite an interesting learning curve

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