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Don't Call Me Maybe

{Ring Ring} {Ring Ring} Does anyone hear a phone? {Ring Ring} We don’t because we’re too busy inflating and delivering and installing balloons.

After months of serious consideration and hundreds of spam calls {RING RING} (there it is again), we’ve decided to remove the option to call Eye Candy Balloons and work solely through emails and messages for communications.

Most of you will not be affected at all, as you, like us, find email to be much more convenient and quick. The telemarketers will surely be disappointed by this news. Anytime you feel like you want to hear our lovely voices, order some balloons and we’ll talk the day of delivery!

The advantage for us and the benefit to you, our client, is a better record of communication when collecting your event information, sharing ideas and designs, and finalizing orders with a great amount of accuracy. At any time, either party can access what we’ve talked about with great records. We both can forward information easily to other affected parties and save time getting others in the loop. We personally need and love the flexibility to respond to you during the non-business hours of the day because we are often on-site at various locations for different jobs and we can easily answer an email question, but would otherwise be unable to chat for 15 minutes on the phone.

So, saying goodbye {RING RING} to the phone calls. We will, of course, still have a phone, but will only be using it those very few times we’ve experienced when being on the phone is necessary to get our job done properly.

Email us anytime. We WANT to talk with you. You already know we are quick to reply and reply at all different times of the day and night when we can.

We are looking forward to working with you and creating some awesome balloon décor for your next event!

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