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Sharing is Caring & so is an apology!

I think I've underestimated you... and I'm sorry.

It's a big deal in the (my) balloon world when new colors and new balloons are released. And in the last year we've seen several brand new kinds of amazing balloons be introduced and demand attention.

All this time, I couldn't imagine that our fans, clients, followers, and friends would be interested in the kind of news we get excited about, but I think I'm wrong.

I think I've underestimated you (and I'm sorry)... and how interested you may be... and how valuable and fun it would be for you to see what we get excited about.

When we get excited about new products, we WANT to use them for your events, especially when it's so new-to-market and it can really help your event be unique and not-seen-before! I realized recently, how can you get excited about what we want to provide for you if you haven't seen them? How can you ask for the latest, amazing design or style, when we aren't showing them to you?

Instead of thinking you aren't interested, I'm doing you a disservice NOT sharing and giving you an opportunity to know about and get excited about what's new. SO... all these paragraphs to say, we're going to start sharing with you #allthefunthings with new colors released, new balloon styles, new prints, and the creative awesome that is available to you and for your events! I mean.. it was pretty selfish NOT to share when I think of it now.

Long post because... I'm wordy, but if you skipped down the end, the summary is that we're about to start showing you new balloon industry products as they're realized and we're excited about them! :)

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