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Celebration Dazzlers are Insta-Worthy!

This year, we created an all new balloon design that we began offering as part of our new YARD ART balloons. The Yard Art Balloon Collection was a necessary and needed response to the Covid at home orders in March. We opted for no deliveries in April, but by May, we felt we could be safe and keep others safe. We kept to outside decor only, wore masks, and did contact-free deliveries and setups.

As the celebrations continued for people throughout the early Covid stages, people found awesome ways to celebrate and stay safe. Drive-by parades and celebrations became a big thing. We got to decorate the front yard to add to the festivities for all the parade-goers.

As we looked for new outdoor YARD ART ideas, the Celebration Dazzler was officially launched. We can't take artistic credit for inventing it as our version was spawned from ideas from our fellow artist Sara with Wisconsin Balloon Decor.

Thanks, Sara! An organic-inspired idea that's trendy and unique, and an upgraded more modern version of our standard column or party pole balloon design offerings.

The Celebration Dazzlers are super fun to create and deliver. Each one has been unique and interesting in it's own way. They work great for birthdays, baby showers, graduations, just because, retirement parties, holidays, and just about any reason you are planning to celebrate. You can put them indoors (with a tall ceiling since they stand about 8'), or great for outdoors!

We take color cues from the customer usually based on the favorite colors of the person celebrating and we get to work inflating and creating a mix of latex, foil, and plastic balloons in different shapes and sizes, with mixed messages and prints, and often with a personalized name to end up with a totally custom celebration burst balloon!

Here are a few fun celebration dazzler balloon examples to enjoy!

We now have the Celebration Dazzlers in the Online Shop for you to order online for local delivery.

Looking forward to being a colorful part of your celebrations!

See the Instagram post here! Follow along with us!


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