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Spectacular New Year's Eve 2018

Our New Year's Eve balloon decor for the New Year's Eve Masquarade Ball at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord, New Hampshire was jaw-dropping and gorgeous!

Anna from Design by Anna and La Piece The Room reached out to us in the Fall to work with her and her team for this incredible transformation. After months of planning, the final result was a show-stopper!

As the guests entered, we had 30" metallic gold balloons floating high from the lobby hi-tops with tall balloon bouquets in black, gold, and clear at various points throughout the space for pops of color. Once they entered the Main Ballroom to take their seats, they were greeted with a beautiful sky of 10' organic balloon bubble strands hanging from the ceiling throughout the room in black, gold, and clear colors. Met by 30" metallic gold balloons floating at various heights over their dining tables coming up from a floral arrangement created by Designs by Anna.

The uplighting looked amazing, the great sounds from the band lifted their spirits, and the metallic gold sparkled from all over the room!

In the months leading up to the Ball, we made several trips to the Grappone Center taking measurements and doing the calculations necessary to get our desired look. Many days and hours before NYE were spent in preparation and inflation and loading until finally unloading the day before at the venue to begin the large scale balloon installation.

On the morning of NYE, our team of 4 worked with quick hands and great attitudes getting all the last minute decor in place. Our sincerest thanks to Brian, Emmie, and Jessica for being Rockstars!

Thank you to all the wonderful people at the Grappone Conference Center who continually go out of their way to make accommodations for us. Sherrie, Susan, Susan, Justin, and many more who are always excited to see us in their venue and make us feel at home.

To Anna from La Piece The Room - thank YOU for pulling us into this event early on and working with us, even in the stressful planning stages, to get this incredible final result.



Eye Candy Balloons

Manchester, New Hampshire

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