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Baby Shower | Pretty in Pink

We're thrilled to get to be a colorful part of celebrating a Mommy-to-be's beautiful baby shower held in the Great Room at Manchester Country Club in Bedford, NH this October. We've gotten to know this sweet lady through our event work over the past few years and this time, it was her own event we got to be creative for and surprise her.

See the Instagram post here! Follow along with us!

The sweet sister came to me with an image and an idea. She was open and trusted me to be creative - that's the best! I went above and beyond since I had free reign and really wanted to give back to this mom for her support these past few years. The end design was breathtaking and it left the sister, our client, and family and friends in awe. LOVE when that happens.

It starts as just an empty space in a big room, and then, POOF, we add the magic with our balloon art and fancy-pants Balloon Ring design.

For this design, we used a mix of pinks with touches of ivory and rose gold for contrasting shades. We added gorgeous pink silk flowers to increase the femininity and a touch of greenery. The rose gold Baby script was a perfect addition for an off-center focal point. But what really created the most visual impact and tied it in was the balloon swags in the middle of the design that distracted your eye from the back wall and kept the pink flowing.

Mommy-t0-be sat in front of the Balloon Ring to open gifts where so many of the photos from that day were taken. How perfect!

DID YOU KNOW.... we offer circular frames in various sizes to be used as an arch, backdrops, focal points, and more? Contact us via the website's Decor Request form to get started working with us and have one of the Balloon Rings or Balloon Hoops at your event.



Venue: Manchester Country Club - Website

Balloon Decor: Eye Candy Balloons - Website


We'd love to be a colorful part of your special moments!

Eye Candy Balloons

Based Goffstown, NH


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