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The first two blows...

Seth Godin, blog and marketing guru, and author of 18 bestseller books, uses a balloon analogy when teaching about getting started with a business or any new endeavor. I find this analogy especially fitting since I am opening a new business and my new business is balloons. PRESTO PERFECT!

The bottomline from Godin is that the first 2 blows needed to inflate a balloon are incredibly difficult. Let me elaborate his teaching in my own words for you.

The first two blows to inflate a balloon take the most work, the most time, the most effort, and are, quite frankly, HARD. I know this from personal experience literally working with balloons. Some people don't succeed at inflating the balloon at all with the first blow and promptly quit, a metaphor for quitting whatever it is they thought they wanted to do. Some people work tirelessly to manage to inflate the latex on the first blow, but are so exhausted by their efforts that they either don't attempt a second blow to inflate or don't have the energy needed to successfully manage to get through the second blow to expand the latex and get the encouragement they needed to keep going. These people may have lost sight of why they were wanting and trying to inflate the balloon in the first place and consequently, didn't have the same level of passion for seeing the balloon inflated. And then you have those that struggle to inflate on both the first and second blows( just like the others), but find the endeavor worthwhile and meaningful enough to persevere. What these people experience after that difficult second blow is that the 3rd blow and subsequent blows are considerably easier each time. As Seth Godin says, "It's all down hill after that."

This directly and very aptly applies to me and it's why it was important that my first blog post for Eye Candy Balloons be so personal.

Starting a business is hard, no matter what experience you have to help you. Each and every business is unique and brings with it new challenges and learning curves that are sometimes unplanned and unforeseen. With the launch of Eye Candy Balloons very near, I find myself now preparing for that second blow to inflate the metaphorical (let's go with a vibrant and happy turquoise) balloon. I've done the work to prepare me properly for the first blow to inflate. Success. And now I'm doing the work to prepare me for the second blow, which for me is being brave and confident and starting to tell people what I (through Eye Candy Balloons) have to offer and show them my art, my creativity, my vulnerability. While very scary, I know that once this part is done, the second blow has been done successfully, inflating the rest of the balloon gets easier. And I have my sights set on inflating a beautiful, strong, vibrant turquoise balloon, so I won't be giving up before the hard work is done.

With this post, Eye Candy Balloons and myself are no longer working behind the scenes or "in the closet" tiptoeing around with our talents hidden hoping no one finds out, but exposed like a TMZ celebrity headline.


I can create some pretty awesome and amazing things with balloons. I was initially trained by a long-time balloon industry expert and educator and have continued to learn from top experts and instructors from around then world. I can create beautiful designs with balloons that still surprise me and I know they will surprise you. I can't wait to show you!

Maybe this blog post IS my second blow. Could it be that I've just done the hardest part right now? I guess I should go buckle myself in now, since it's all downhill from here (right, Seth?). I'm ready! Email or call me to talk about your party decor and balloon gift needs are today. The website and portfolio are coming along surely, but slowly. Please be patient with me as it builds over time and with your balloon orders and creations.


If you've got a balloon in your hand right now, what color is it? What does it represent to you? Care to share a personal story that may help others as they read it?

Eye Candy Balloons

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