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I just pressed 'SEND'!

Well... I just pressed SEND on a big, scary announcement email letting people know I have started Eye Candy Balloons and I feel extremely uncomfortable and vulnerable. There's no backing out or running scared now. Up until this point, I've only told a handful of people. The news has been met with excitement, but the fear of being judged is definitely there.

But... I've done it anyway. I've told a lot of people with just the click of a button (and 90 minutes of writing and editing) that I now make balloons and sell them through a business called Eye Candy Balloons. Hello World. Along with making a Tower Power Kitty for an upcoming halloween party this evening, I've also started the domino effect by telling my existing mailing list. I'm proud of me for awesome work tonight. I hope I can reread this post in 5 years and laugh about how insignificant the events of tonight were, but for now, I'm celebrating a huge win!!

Eye Candy Balloons

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