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Turning 100!

How many of us will celebrate this kind of milestone birthday! If you’re making it to 100, then it calls for a celebration. Eye Candy Balloons worked with the granddaughter-in-law to get just the right décor in the beautiful Conference Space at Puritan Backroom Conference Center for the 50 person celebration.

The colors were Gold, Silver, and Black – Classic and Beautiful.

We created simple bouquets to add to the floral centerpieces creating a wonderful look around the room. We created a large, floating, gold 100 backdrop for group photos and room décor. The dessert/coffee table had a pearl arch.

My personal favorite in the room was the 100 Table Topper we made for the birthday girl herself. It was both a centerpiece and a great prop for photos.

We love how the balloon décor made such a wonderful visual impact in the room. It gave height, movement, dimension, and color! What a lovely celebration!

Event Center: Puritan Backroom

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