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Blacklight Party: Glow Big or Go Home

When you walk into the party and it looks like THIS, you know it's going to be an awesome night!! For Emma's 16th Birthday, she celebrated in a seriously cool way!

We had the honor of getting to come up with designs to light this space UP!!! And we loved how it looked and felt in that room.

We created centerpieces in two different styles, a firework style topper and a tall, glowing bubble strand. The firework designed was carried through in super tall columns near the entrance that greeted everyone and also a few fireworks hung strategically from the ceiling in certain locations. The glowing bubble strands were designs we saw on the invitations that went out that gave us the idea to incorporate the free flowing organic style glowing bubbles into the room. We also used bubble strands hanging down from the ceiling over the dance floor to really accent that area, light it up, create movement as they swayed, and keep the floor free and clear for dancing!

The neon balloons we used added so much light and fun and energy to the space and thus elevated the atmosphere to a whole new level!

We are thrilled with the effect. Take a look at our gallery for more!

Thank you to Shayna for being so great to work with throughout the planning process.

Tidewater Catering, yet again, did an excellent job being accommodating and generous. We love working with you guys.

We rent blacklights and have a large range of blacklight reactive, neon balloons to make your own blacklight party! Get in touch with us! or visit us here!

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