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We've gone TROPICAL at the Tri-City Expo

Tri City Expo Manchester NH Eye Candy Balloons Balloon booth tropical balloons balloon backdrop

​Yesterday, was our 2nd year participating in the Annual Tri-City Expo held at the Expo Center in downtown Manchester, NH. It's includes participants from 3 local chambers of commerce: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce, and the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce.

We love getting to create an entryway balloon arch for guests to pass under as they enter the expo center. It's such an honor that the GMCC trusts us to create something awesome. We use the Tri-City Expo logo and marketing materials to determine the color palette and go from there. It's so fun to watch all the guests feel special as they enter into the space under this awesome 25' balloon arch!

Tri-City Expo Manchester NH Balloon Arch Eye Candy Balloons

When thinking about what we wanted to showcase this year, we decided summer wasn't long enough and we went with a full out tropical theme complete with leis, balloon flowers, balloon palm trees, and a balloon flamingo!

We designed a tropical beach themed party backdrop perfect for taking photos and interacting with our guests to bring the fun, the color, and ultimately to show what is possible with balloons for your special events that extends well beyond a kid's birthday party! We love that adults are entertained and get surprised and involved and wanted to show the local professionals and businesses what we could create for their events to delight, decorate, and make a statement for their employees, guests, staff, family, and friends!

We met so many incredible people who were passionate and engaged about what they were offering and had to share to others. The Tri-City Expo is a great event to see some of the wonderful businesses we have in our area, for a wide array of needs, such as restaurants, banking, entertainment, fitness, and yes, even marketing and event decor!


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