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Valentine Views (in 2021)

We need LOVE more than ever these days. Let Valentine's Day this year be a reminder to you to love fully with your family and friends. Love without fear, without holding back, and without seeking anything in return. Shower those you love with words - your honest and sincere words that become beautiful when spoken and written as a gift.

Words will have to take the place of most hugs and kisses this year with the Covid pandemic still among us, forcing our society to change in so many ways, including our physical touch, proximity, and exposure to those we love in efforts to minimize spreading germs. So, why not let your words be louder this year, more brave, more forthcoming to help your love reach further, ripple longer, absorb deeper. Really let those you love in on the secret of the way you feel.

Quoted by Nicholas Sparks, from a Walk to Remember

I don't believe you have to wait or should wait until Valentine's Day comes to make big overt love gestures, but I do love and appreciate so much the not-so-subtle, social reminder that Valentine's is to prompt more people who wouldn't ordinarily think about extra efforts to express their love like romantic gestures, gifts, cards, acts of kindness, and love letters to take the time and make the efforts because those recipients (and all of us really) need more love in our lives. Anytime. Not just one day a year.

So, even though Valentine's Day is over-commercialized and made fun of often as it pushes love through economic pressures, expert marketing tactics, and shop discounts all over the place, I am a fan through and through. I believe in love and in sharing your love and gracing others with the gift of love and if there's a marketing holiday that pushes love and all things positive, I'm for it.

It does NOT mean to me that love is only expressed through this typical Valentine props like chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, red roses, and jewelry. I believe beautiful love is a written love letter, an unexpected phone call, a thoughtful email, and time and words and compliments. But hey, if you want to add yummy chocolates, delicious wine, and colorful balloon bouquets to those words, how bad can that be?! I'm for that, too!

I'm wishing YOU love this Valentine's Day and EVERY day before and after it.

xoxo, Amanda


This year, I've created our very first Valentine's Balloon Collections. I'll go into details in another post, and end here with I'm just SO EXCITED! It's been so fun to dream up the colorful balloon decorations that people can have in their very own homes! Ordering Valentine's Day Balloons as gifts OR ordering valentine's day balloon decorations for home parties. It's really just so colorful and so fun to be involved with a mission of LOVE and romance and friendship and happiness! Love this work I get to do!


We'd love to be a colorful part of your special moments!

Eye Candy Balloons

Based Bedford, NH


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