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Commencement Reception x4

This year SNHU set a record for the largest Commencement to-date. We are so thrilled to get to be a part of decorating for their 4, yes 4, receptions that happen over the course of 2 days on campus after the commencement ceremony to celebrate all the graduates.

We had so much fun designing and creating then installing the wonderful decor that went around campus leading up to the Dining Center and inside both the downstairs and upstairs Dining Center areas. We filled the space with SNHU's school pride colors, blue and yellow. Outside, we create tall Party Poles that led a colorful path from the parking lot to the Dining Center that helped visitors find their way to the receptions taking place inside the Dining Center. Two tall columns marked the entrance.

Once inside, graduates and their families were greeted with great big gold letters SNHU 2017, where some proud photos were taken to be in their albums for years (albeit digital and social media albums!). Downstairs, hanging from the 25' ceiling, we created an art installation of Blue & Yellow Fireworks. Upstairs, we covered the reception area ceiling with fun fireworks mirroring the designs we used outside on the fun Party Poles. Everywhere you looked, there was Blue & Yellow color to add to the fun celebrations and memories of the proud graduates.

Seeing all the wonderful, smiling photos of SNHU graduates posting their photos on social media with our balloon designs in the background is so truly moving and humbling. We love getting to be a part of such an exciting time for so many people accomplishing milestone moments in their lives.


There are so many staff members that helped us to do the best job we could. Everything from opening doors, weather updates, lending us a ladder, offering to reach something, pick something up, help in any way. Everyone from different offices including Alumni, Public Safety, COCE, Conference Services, AV, and especially Dining Services staff and Sodexo employees - thank you! We appreciate your patient, joyous attitudes, accommodating us while we worked, and your excitement along the way!

Eye Candy Balloons

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