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80 is Beautiful

For this woman’s surprise 80th birthday party at 110 Grill in Nashua, one of her son’s hired us to do “something special for an extraordinary woman”. He wanted to contribute even more to his Mom’s special day and surprise all the others with an elegantly decorated room as they all arrived and enjoyed the celebration. Even though he lives in Florida, we worked with him over email to create very special and beautiful accents for this room.

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To achieve the elegant look, we used a beautiful new color called Rose Gold mixed with Silver, and Crystal Clear filigree pattern balloons. We created lovely double stuffed balloons for table centerpieces with swirls as accents on the base and a large floating Rose Gold colored 80 with cascades of bubbles to the floor. In researching the event space beforehand, we chose colors that complimented the colors in the room and once we arrived we loved the finished look.

We received a prompt and wonderful review from this client and we are so grateful for the beauty we were able to provide for this celebration!


Thank you to 110 Grill for excellent help from the staff in helping us get in and setup quickly between parties to have the room decorated on time for the guest of honor’s arrival. We appreciate a great team at a venue that works with us to make the celebration even better.

Eye Candy Balloons

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