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Summer Orientation Time!

School is out for summer, but for many, there is a lot of work going on to make sure the start of school in the fall will be a success! For the past two weeks, many of SNHU's staff members have been hard at work putting on a whooping 7 orientation events for new university students. These large events are packed with people, excitement, and fun! The theme colors are purple, black, and gold. We created a pair of matching spiral balloon columns to go on either side of the stage to draw the eyes into the center where speakers will share important information and stories! We love getting to be involved in helping create a fun ambiance to welcome the fresh faces with our balloon decor created to match the theme of the summer orientations!


Thank you to all of those I've met while setting up at SNHU these past two weeks; Colleen, Julia, and Richie especially. Your friendliness and smiles early in the morning while you're beginning your long day along with your offers to help have been so appreciated

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