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Halloween Photoshoot

This week we've experienced excellent fall weather. It's what Autumn is all about. The trees are putting on a show with their beautiful leaf colors and the wind is making the leaves dance all the way to the ground littered with fall colors. The temperatures have been, what I think, is JUST right! Cool in the evenings, a little windy, a little sunny, in between needing a light coat and just being in short-sleeve. Ahhhhh... what better time of year is there?

With these perfect condition this week, the balloons got dressed up for an outdoor Halloween photoshoot. While I have a variety of skills, photography is not really one of them. So, a big thank you to my photographer friend who was standing by via phone during the photoshoot to add critiques and instruction. I took a picture, texted it to her, got her feedback, then made adjustments as best as I could. It was quite humorous and pretty hard work for just a few shots, but... well worth it!

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Eye Candy Balloons

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