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5 Ways to have Pool Balloons in New Hampshire!

Balloons in a Pool!? Yes, it’s a THING! And it’s an awesome looking, magical thing!

And Pool Balloons is definitely a trending outdoor event decor option.

Having a balloon installation in and around a pool looks fantastic. Whimsical, elegant, timeless, and just fun (depending on the colors)! It can turn the entire area into a massive centerpiece and memorable experience for all.

If you’re looking for a balloon installation in a pool, this article for you.

Our goal is to provide helpful information all in one place about pool balloon installations, decor options, and hiring us to make it happen. Read on!

But first, look at these images captured from Lexi Foster Photography at a gorgeous outdoor backyard wedding from last summer.

(Balloon Decor by Eye Candy Balloons. Photo credit: Lexi Foster Photography)



Here's 5 design options for having pool balloons.

Design #1

Balloons on the pool’s surface

Air-filled organic balloon garlands that are created in a single large clusters or various groups and can be fully on top of the water or draping into the water.

(Balloon Decor Image from Kaboom Confetti)

Design #2

Balloons on the pool's surface

Floating individual giant balloons that are either weighed down to stay in place (requires entry into the pool) or loose balloons to roam around the pool freely.

(Balloon Decor Image from Party Blitz)

Design #3

Balloons floating above the pool’s surface.

Individually placed, giant helium-filled balloons that require entry into the pool.

(Balloon Decor Image from Bubblegum Balloons)

Design #4

Balloons floating above the pool's surface.

Generally higher floating helium-balloons above the surface. Does not require entry into the pool.

(Balloon Decor Image from Bubblegum Balloons)

Design #5

Combination of balloons floating above and on the pool’s surface.

Mix of helium & air-filled balloons that require pool entry to place weights to stabilize movement.

(Balloon Decor Eye Candy Balloons
Photo credit: Lexi Foster Photography)



There's two major factors/obstacles that we often see coming up when clients are considering hiring us for pool balloon installations - logistics & cost.

1. - Logistics

Design styles #1 and #4 do not require entry into the water in order to complete the design… and that’s our preferred setup. It's the most cost-effective way to have balloons in or around a pool area.

For Design Styles #2, #3, #5, it requires being in the water to place heavy weights on the bottom to hold down the giant helium balloons because they are strong! We’ve taken special care to create safe weights to not damage the pool.

Please know, our deal breaker is getting into the pool, therefore, you’ll need to provide an “assistant” to work with us at the setup time for 1-2 hours to do the manual labor that is required to float balloons above the water AND that assistant will be needed to remove the weights from the pool post-event. We’ll collect the weights once they’ve been retrieved.

Side Note for Planning: Please take into account the water temps in New Hampshire at different times of the year when you’re requesting pool balloons that require entry. Brrrr!

2. - Cost

We’re not able to provide a blanket quote that works for everyone since they are custom quotes based on quantity & size of balloons used, which design style, travel distance, time of day, etc.

Here's a snapshot of costs to estimate (also found on our Pricing Guides):

  • A 3' helium-filled balloon starts at $50

  • A 6' length of organic garland starts at $150

  • Delivery starts at $3 per mile

  • Setup & Installation starts at $175

  • Equipment Retrieval is required when weights & equipment is used.

  • Minimum Order starts at $500

If you’re able to provide an “assistant” to be in the water for day-of and post-event and price is not an issue, then, we’re thrilled to get to move forward planning this with you.

But if not, we've got you covered.


If logistics & cost aren't possible for you to move forward, here's some ideas for you to still be able to have beautiful balloon decor for the event you're planning:

  • Scaling back to a beautiful Design #1. It lacks height coming up from the pool, but can still have giant floating balloons around other areas in the space

  • Scaling back the quantity of balloons

  • Moving away from the idea of pool balloons and creating new focal points



  • Lighter colors do so much better in the hot temps with direct sunlight.

  • Balloons will get a matte, velvety sheen on them when exposed to sunlight.

  • It’s not advised to have people in the pool at the same time as the balloons. We want to avoid popping the balloons and having latex get into the pool’s systems and getting tangled in the line holding the balloons.


We hope this gives you what you need to make the best decisions for your event moving forward. It's likely you've already started your Decor Request Inquiry and have received this article from us. But if not, and you'd like to get started. Click HERE!

We look forward to learning more about your event and how we can create awesome balloon decor for your celebration!

Leaving you with a few more fabulous images from Lexi Foster Photography!


Lexi Foster Photography - New Hampshire

I also want to give a shoutout to the fabulous Pool Assistant that day, who was the pool's owner, and so gracious and accommodating and ready to work!

Vendor Credits/Instagram handles from Wedding with Lexi Foster Photography Images:

Day of coordination: @cjmweddingsandevents

Hedge Wall: @weddings_by_lauren

Neon Sign: @weon_light


Eye Candy Balloons is a professional & insured balloon decoration business based in Bedford, New Hampshire serving parts of NH, MA, ME, and VT. As a Certified Balloon Artist, we're excited to help you celebrate your upcoming corporate, school, and social events including weddings, mitzvahs, birthdays, babies, and more!

We create balloon decorations for all different kinds and size events including: grand openings and trade shows, galas and award dinners, employee appreciations, homecomings and graduations, baby and bridal showers, and so much more! We want your event to be colorful & memorable.

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